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Estonian PLC

Osaühing (OÜ) is the Estonian term for Private Limited Company.

OÜ is an ideal form of a legal entity for small and medium sized enterprises with a single or several owners. The OÜ is directed by the Management Board with one or several members. The OÜ can also have a supervisory board which directs the Management Board (on behalf of the shareholders) but it is rarely used. The OÜ has full rights to do any kind of business, open bank accounts, own real estates, etc.

The minimum capital of OÜ is 2,500 € (this is also the regular size of the capital; unless it is needed the capital is usually withdrawn from bank account to be held as “cash in hand”). There is no upper limit to the capital.

The OÜ needs to have a legal address in Estonia. This address is used by the state to send official mails (from the Commercial Registry and the Tax and Customs Board). The company does not have to be located on that address. We offer the address-service with mail handling of the official correspondence.

Company name: Can be of your own choosing, does not have to be in Estonian, the official name will have the legal abbreviation OÜ added in front or at the end (OÜ New Company or New Company OÜ). We will check the registry whether that name is available and help you to find the right name.

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